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Best Cat Food for Russian Blue

Certified Veterinary Dr. Veronica Heller

Are you looking for the best cat food for Russian Blue?

The Russian Blue cat is one of the most recognizable cat breeds in the world. These dark-haired kitties have a dense and fluffy coat, which makes them look bigger than they are! 

To ensure your kitty’s overall health and well being, it’s essential to feed her the right food. 

Russian Blues thrive on a high-protein diet and from animal sources. In this blog post, we’ll help you find the best cat food for your Russian Blue kitty by going over the top three contenders and share our exclusive buying guide.

Let’s jump right in!

Let's First Get to Know the Russian Blue Cat!

The Russian Blue is a naturally-occurring cat breed that finds its origins in the Archangel Isles of Russia. So, it’s also known as the Archangel Cat. 

The kitties have short, thick coats from light silver to dark gray. 

Since the cats are indigenous to Russia, they sport double coats—the soft, short undercoat keeps the kitty insulated while the long, harsh outer coat guards the kitty’s body against extreme temperatures–giving her the signature fluffy look. 

Some cats have stripes on their tails. 

Russian Blues are calm and inquisitive in nature, but very intelligent beings–you can teach a Russian Blue several tricks! The cats are extremely sociable with humans and have an average lifespan of 15 years. 

Now, let’s find out the Russian Blue cat’s favorite food

Here's a Look at Some of the Common Russian Blue Health Issues

Russian Blues are a naturally healthy cat breed. 

However, like most kitties, they’re prone to developing certain health conditions such as obesity. The cat is more dog-like when it comes to food–she’ll use those cute looks to get you to feed her more! 

In this section of the blog post, we’ll go through some health issues you should know about.

Weight-related Issues

Since Russian Blues are prone to obesity, you need to keep a close eye on their diet and the number of calories they’re eating per day. Try to make sure your kitty doesn’t start packing the pounds–it’s harder to lose weight than to gain weight.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This disease affects the kitty’s eyes, causing gradual retinal deterioration. With time, cats are unable to see clearly at night. As the disease progresses, cats also have difficulty seeing during the day.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

The disease is a result of many cysts forming on the cat’s kidneys. The symptoms begin to appear at an early age. With time,  the kidneys stop to function properly. If left untreated, it can cause chronic renal failure.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

The disease affects the cat’s bladder due to which the cat might find it difficult to urinate. Blood-stained urine is a common symptom of the disease.

Best Cat Food for Russian Blue: One That Meets Unique Dietary Needs

Russian Blues are sensitive and intelligent kitties. 

These inquisitive creatures thrive on a diet that’s high in protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbohydrates. The best cat food for your Russian Blue will be one that addresses her unique dietary requirements–especially if she has a medical condition. 

So, what should it look like? 

In this section of the blog post, we’ll go through a Russian Blue’s unique dietary needs and the best food for her.

High in Protein

Since cats are obligate carnivores, they need a high-protein diet to look and feel their best. You should look for cat food that is rich in meat-based protein. It’ll help build and maintain your feline friend’s muscles. 

Meat is also an excellent source of omega fatty acids that help keep your kitty’s skin and coat attractive.

How Many Calories?

There are a lot of factors that help determine the ideal daily caloric intake for kitties. So, your vet will be able to give the best estimate, taking into account your kitty’s age, gender, activity level, and health conditions. 

As a rule of thumb, an adult Russian Blue weighing ten pounds should have between 220-350 calories, depending on her activity level. 

Keep in mind that age plays a big factor. The best cat food for Russian Blue kittens may not be an adult recipe as they have different needs. 

As mentioned earlier, Russian Blues are prone to getting obese, thanks to their love for food. Make sure you’re feeding your cat the right number of calories per day. Obesity puts your feline friend at risk of developing several additional conditions. 

So, it’s best to keep the weight off!

Food Allergies

Just like other cat breeds, Russian Blues, too, are at risk of developing food allergies. These kitties may be allergic to common cat food ingredients like gluten, grains, soy, and corn. 

So, if your kitty has an aversive reaction to her food, the four ingredients listed above are probably why.

Food for Fur

Russian Blues have a thick, beautiful coat that must be taken care of! 

Along with having a good grooming routine, you should give your cat foods that are excellent for her magnificent mane. Foods rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids help give your cat’s coat the shine it deserves. A diet rich in micronutrients is also great.

Moving on.

Here’s What Not to Feed Your Russian Blue Cat?

russian blue cat favorite food

Most cat foods available on the market contain a larger amount of carbohydrates than necessary, making them unsuitable for Russian Blues. 

Since these kitties are at risk of getting obese, a high-carb diet increases your cat’s chances of getting obese and can also lead to diabetes. These also contain low-quality ingredients such as gluten, corn, wheat, etc. that provide no nutritional value to your feline friend. 

So, a high-carb diet is a strict no-no.

Now, let’s take a look at a list of ingredients that you must avoid: 

  • Chicken or fish bones 
  • Any types of sausages 
  • Fried foods 
  • Sauces or foods that contain different types of sauces
  • Met, bones, and organs from sheep, pork, and horse
  • Chocolates 
  • Sweets 
  • Hazelnuts 
  • Fermentable vegetables such as beans, peas, and potatoes 
  • Preservatives and artificial ingredients 
  • Dog food 
  • Canned foods for humans 
  • Freshly baked bread

We hope that this list helped you simplify things.

Our 3 Contenders: The Best Cat Food for Russian Blue​

So, we’ve established how Russian Blues do best on a diet that’s high in meat, moderate in fat, and low in carbohydrates. 

We recommend you go for foods that use high-quality ingredients, as the quality of the food is directly proportional to the type of ingredients it contains. Fresh and well-sourced ingredients are always the best. 

In addition to that, always make sure that your Russian Blue access to fresh, clean water at all times. 

Now, let’s take a look at the best food for Russian Blue cat and kittens. 

Take a peek.

Best Cat Food for Russian Blue
Here’s Why You Should Get It
Our Rating
Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe
Contains smoked Salmon and Roasted Venison, High-quality proteins for a lean body with strong muscles, Contains fruits, vegetables, and superfoods for Vitamins and minerals, Fatty acids help improve skin and coat health, No grain, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, Made in the United States
4.8 Stars
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Purina Beyond Grain-Free Adult Dry Cat Food
Contains Ocean Whitefish and Egg, Limited ingredient diet for health digestion, No filler or artificial ingredients in the recipe, Natural probiotics improve digestive health, Gluten and grain-free formula
4.8 Stars
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Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food
Contains real chicken, The grain-free formula helps control weight gain, Contains all-natural ingredients, Doesn’t contain soy, wheat, corn, and by-product meals, Helps promote healthy digestion as it is an excellent source of fiber
4.7 Stars
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 Now, let’s review each of these individually, shall we?

taste of the wild grain free high protein real meat recipe

The Taste of Wild is a subsidiary of Diamond Pet Food. The company was founded in the United States in the 1970s by brothers-in-law Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter.

They prepare the foods in a US-based facility that meets stringent FDA standards. All recipes meet the highest nutritional standards, giving you the peace of mind you need. 

High Protein Recipe 

This recipe includes meat from various sources, including smoked salmon, roasted venison, chicken meal, and ocean fish protein. In addition to that, the recipe also contains protein from plant-based sources. 

The recipe also contains superfoods and ingredients rich in antioxidants. The fatty acid blend nourishes your cat’s skin and coat.

Species-Specific Probiotics

Did you know that 80% of a cat’s immune system resides in the gut?

A healthy gut means a healthy kitty. Problems in the gut can lower your feline friend’s immune response and leave her prone to many diseases. 

This cat food is not only highly digestible and easy on her gut, but also contains 80 million live cultures of “good” gut bacteria, balancing the gut’s natural flora and strengthening her immune system. 


The cat food ensures your feline friend’s overall health and wellbeing as it contains ingredients rich in antioxidants. These include berries, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and superfoods. 

What’s more is that the kitty food also contains Taurine, an essential amino acid that keeps your cat’s eyes and heart healthy. 

Nutritional Breakdown 

This dog food formula contains: 

  • 42% protein which is above-average
  • 18% fat which is average
  • 27% carbohydrates which are below-average

The cat food contains a moderate amount of meat, making it an excellent pick for a Russian Blue. 

Pros and Cons 

Let’s take a quick peek at the pros and cons, shall we?

Highly digestible protein
Doesn’t provide adequate hydration
A unique and balanced diet
Contains meat from various sources
Rich meaty in taste
Ideal protein
Maintain healthy heart and eyes

On to the next one.

purina beyond grain-free adult dry cat food

Purina Pet Food is currently owned by Nestle and is one of the best pet food companies around the globe. The company strives to provide pets with the right nutrition to live happy, healthy lives.

Made with High-Quality Ingredients

This grain-free formula is an excellent choice for Russian Blues and contains real meat from ocean whitefish and eggs. This complete and balanced meal contains naturally-sourced ingredients. 

The recipe contains no filler ingredients such as soy, wheat, and corn along with no artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. This is a good choice for cats with food allergies. 

Contains Real Meat 

One of the best things about this cat food is that it contains real meat from ocean whitefish, pheasant, and quail. These are high-quality protein sources. 

In fact, Ocean Whitefish is the number one ingredient for this recipe. The recipe will help keep your kitty’s weight in check. 

Gluten-Free Recipes

The recipe is completely free of grains and gluten. The best thing about this limited ingredient cat food is that it contains natural probiotics that boost your kitty’s digestive health—and, consequently, her immune system. 

You can add some toppers to this wet cat food for the best result. 

Nutritional Breakdown 

This dog food formula contains: 

  • 35% protein which is near-average
  • 14% fat which is average
  • 33% carbohydrates which are average

The cat food contains a moderate amount of meat, making the best cat food for Russian Blue kittens

Pros and Cons 

Let’s weigh the pros against the cons, shall we?

Poultry-free recipe a good choice for dogs with allergies
The pieces of kibble are larger than most
Real poultry or regionally
Made with simple ingredients
Grain-free and gluten-free
immune support

Moving on.

blue buffalo freedom grain free natural indoor adult dry cat food

The Blue Buffalo Company is a relatively new one on the market started by Bishop. The inspiration behind this company was his family dog Blue who suffered from cancer. This pet food company strives to make high-quality foods for pets.

The company sources its ingredients from highly trusted vendors and can trace every ingredient to its starting point. 

Grain-free Formula

This grain-free cat food is an excellent choice for Russian Blue. The recipe is made using the finest ingredients. Chicken is the number one ingredient by weight for this recipe, making it an excellent pick. 

Another great thing about this kibble is that it’s a reduced-calorie formula that helps your cat lose some weight. 

Supports Immune System

This cat food is made using the finest ingredients and comes enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These help build your kitty’s immune system and keep her weight in check.

Healthy Digestion

Healthy digestion is essential to maintain your kitty’s overall health. This cat food contains highly digestible ingredients and high-quality fiber and protein sources, helping improve your cat’s digestive system.

Nutritional Breakdown 

This dog food formula contains: 

  • 30 % protein which is average
  • 10% fat which is below-average
  • 42% carbohydrates which are above-average

The dry cat also contains a moderate amount of meat, making it the best food for Russian Blue cat and kittens.

Pros and Cons 

Here’s a quick peek at the pros and cons!

An excellent choice for cats with sensitive stomachs
Has a weird smell
Offers hairball control
Helps keep weight in check
Finest natural ingredients used
High-protein formula

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section of the blog post, we’ll go through some of the frequently asked questions we came across while researching this article. 

Take a look.

best cat food for russian blue kittens

1. How much can Russian Blue cats eat?

As mentioned earlier, the number of calories a Russian Blue should eat in a day depends on several factors such as: 

  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Level of activity 
  • Medical conditions 
  • Season 
  • Weight

So, your vet will be better able to guide you, keeping your kitty’s unique nutritional needs in mind.

Putting your cat on a feeding schedule is a good idea. If you have an unreliable schedule, it’s best to invest in a timed dispenser to ensure your kitty gets her food in time.

2. What is the best food for Russian Blue cats and kittens?

The best cat food for Russian Blues is one that is high in meat, moderate in fat, and low in carbohydrates. Ideally, the recipe shouldn’t contain gluten, corn, soy, and wheat. It’s also best to avoid artificial ingredients. 

A highly digestible formula is excellent!

3. What do Russian Blue cats like to eat?

Russian Blues are not picky about their food. These cats love both dry and wet foods and go gaga over treats. You can occasionally serve your kitty some boiled chicken and meat as a treat–and they’ll love it!

The Best Cat Food for Russian Blue!

Did we help you find the best cat food for Russian Blue

Russian Blues are healthy kitties with a voracious appetite. The best food for these cats is one that meets all their nutritional needs while addressing any underlying conditions they may have. 

A healthy kitty is a happy kitty. 

The right food helps determine your cat’s long-term health and wellbeing. So, don’t take this decision lightly.

Certified Veterinary Dr. Veronica Heller

Dr. Veronica Heller

Born and brought up in Grand Marais, Minnesota, ever since she was a little girl, Dr. Veronica Heller dreamed of becoming a vet thanks to
Sruffy, her family pet. She graduated from College of Veterinary Medicine, Minnesota and began her veterinary career in Larpenteur Animal Hospital in St. Paul as an emergency Veterinarian. Since then, she has worked with Minnesota Veterinary Hospital, Small Animal Hospital, and Blue Pearl Pet Hospital. Her interests in the field include preventive medicine, internal medicine, nutrition, and surgery. She’s also a loving pet mother to two cats and a Golden Retriever.