About Us

Your pet doesn’t talk, but it communicates with you.

A pet is much more than just a fluffy, cute accessory which we give room into our house (even though it is fluffy and cute, that’s a fact). It’s a life, it’s a friend, and once we become its guardians, it’s a part of our family, as we see it like a kid: Innocent, sweet and energetic. Its loyalty and protection towards us remains eternal, because it cares for every single one that’s part of our tribe, and its little details make us swoon with tenderness.
They really bring the best of us, and they teach us how to be more compassionate, more human. But it’s within us to be there for them and take care of their needs, keep up with their health, and be assured they’re truly living a peaceful, happy life. Guidance and help is a must in the pet parenting world (as it’s not always a walk in the park), and you need correct, in-depth information from experts on the veterinary field. So here, at My Pet Demand, we deliver you exactly that.

The mission: To hear playful barks, meows and chirps.

My Pet Demand is a source created by people who want to give care and love towards animals, but are also certified to give you proper advice and recommendations on pet products. When it comes to pet lifestyle tools and toys, our team thoroughly tests, selects and reviews them, so you can choose only the ones that perfectly fit in your pet’s everyday routine (and yours too as its owner). Through our special picks for every specialty and species, our purpose is to be your vessel on this journey, so your pet and you can really enjoy every time that you spend together.

The future looks at us with big eyes and whiskers.

We look towards growth, but inside My Pet Demand, this is measured in something other than numbers and analytics: It’s about the pets and the people we assist through our road. Our opinions and perspectives are based on what we’re sure works better for your friend and means an advantage for it, whether that is on its play, eat, walk or sleep time. And as we dream of a wholesome, blissful pet-parenting experience for every owner; for us, success comes in the shape of a smile from you and a wiggly tail from your furry one.