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We want the best for you and your furry friend.

We’re a team of pet lovers, nutritionists, and veterinary experts dedicated to improving the lives of furry friends all over the globe by sharing high-quality information with our readers.

We aim to answer all the questions pet parents have in simple terms–not everyone goes to vet school!

Latest Reviews​

best cat food for russian blue

Best Cat Food for Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat is one of the most recognizable cat breeds in the world. These dark-haired kitties have a dense and fluffy coat, which makes them look bigger than they are!
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Best Cat Food for Congestive Heart Failure – Here are Best Picks

Congestive heart failure is a syndrome that manifests itself when a cat with severe heart disease retains fluid.
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best food for cat with pancreatitis

Best Food for Cat With Pancreatitis – 3 High-Quality Kibbles

An inflammation of your cat’s pancreas causes Pancreatitis. While the organ is small in size, it’s far from insignificant.
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Tips & Advice

Tips & Tricks: How to Help Cats With Hairballs?

Cats spend between 30 to 50 percent of their day grooming themselves. Loose hairs on your kitty’s fur are usually swallowed. Your cat’s body can’t digest these hairs, so they usually cough them up.
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how to treat a constipated cat

Natural & Effective Remedies: How to Treat a Constipated Cat?

Constipation is a fairly regular affair in cats that can be managed easily. It’s very normal for cats to get constipated from time to time--that’s how it is.
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how to treat heart murmur in dogs

All in One Guide – How to Treat Heart Murmur in Dogs?

Did you know that 15% of the total puppies with an average age of 7.5 weeks had an audible heart murmur. According to the study, 28% percent of 195 puppies with an average age of 54 days, had an innocent heart abnormality. The results showed that an innocent murmur had a musical character and systolic.
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Parenting is a whole world –especially if you have furry kids

The Mission

My Pet Demands is set on relentless work from us under the same purpose: To make sure you receive excellent advice which will only help you in your everyday role as a pet parent.

We know how confusing and hard it can be to know what’s best for your animal (as we always say, not everyone can go to vet school nor it’s a requirement to become a pet owner), so our experience and knowledge is now at your hands, for you to clear doubts that can seem a big problem, learn how to improve your pet’s health, and get the perfect goods for it (whether it’s a need or a fancy treat).

The Vision

Our pursuit to become the #1 guide inside the pet world is great, but it would feel empty and senseless without you and your loved ones with paws & tail (or beak & claws, fin & gills…).

My Pet Demand’s future is made with every post of a healthy tip for your dog’s nutrition, an advice on how to play with cats or a recommendation for the finest, highest-quality bird feeder available in the market; and we feel we’re making our contribution by doing so. If anything we publish allows you to make good changes in your pet’s life, and bring joyful harmony into your relationship as family; we’ll consider My Pet Demand has achieved its summit. It’s not about going big, it’s about helping every animal and every owner.

The Process

Our team is no puppy on the pet field: My Pet Demand means people who are dedicated to attend and understand the world of fauna, especially the domestic one.

Veterinarians, nutritionists, vet assistants, dog groomers and overall pet lovers are committed to deliver you accurate information and product recommendations, so our process is a detailed, delicate one. We personally test pet products, through our shared experience with our own pets while using them; and then, we move into the selection stage, where we pick our favorite ones based on quality and efficiency standards. My Pet Demand’s final selection appears on our website, along with a descriptive review that shows whether the product can be or not a benefit for your amazing friend.

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